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Van Dyke Brown

to 100 ml of distilled or de-ionized water add:(even a small amount of chloride in normal tap water can foul results)

9 grams of ferric ammonium citrate (green scales is more sensitive than the brown lumps)
1.5 grams of tartaric acid
3.75 grams of silver nitrate

Keep in dark as this mix is light sensitive.

Agar Size:

to 100 ml of distilled or de-ionized water add 2 grams of agar (also called agar-agar)(make sure you get the off white stuff, not the colored)

Bring the mixture to a boil to dissolve the agar.

Pour the mixture into a clean Pyrex baking dish big enough to fit your paper. Float your paper on the surface of the agar mix. Remove from the agar and drain off excess, then rotate the paper 180 degrees and hang to dry.

The agar sizing will improve the clarity and depth of the Van Dyke print immensely.

Coat sized paper with the Van Dyke Brown mix and dry under a red or yellow bug light with a hair dryer. Contact print your negative in direct sunlight for 2-5 minutes.

Rinse print in distilled water and fix in 10% sodium or ammonium thiosulfate. Now you can do the final wash in normal tap water, including using hypoclear, etc. Print will be darker upon drying.

Chris Patton, cpatton@stanford.edu