Pinhole Images by c. patton

If you are following the crowd, then pinhole is not for you. You will never be famous, rich, etc. with
pinhole images, BUT you will become more alive and more aware. You will learn to know yourself.
Pinhole is more of a spiritual experience than any other kind of photography. Pinhole
photographers have a quiet passion about their work that cannot be expressed easily in words .
It is just something we have to do!

35mm film can camera

Leica 35mm microscope camera converted to PH

The "Headless Cat"


33mm FL on a 4x5

Zoneplate 4x5

Rocky shores
Tilli Gorts

An offer you can't refuse

Another pinholer

A spider's work is never done

Heavy Metal Mushrooms


FROM THE "ZERO" CAMERA [6x6 120 pinhole, f138]